Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Tribute To Shriner's Hospital

Jais had surgery in early January.

Our hope was that one day he could
bear some weight on his legs.
We've learned that weight bearing is important for people to transfer (from wheelchair to chair/bed/car etc. and vice versa) so they don't have to use just their arms to move back and forth.  This is very tough and can be damaging to shoulders, wrists and bodies in general.

We feel so humbled and fortunate that Shriner's Hospital of Chicago performed
Jais's surgery....
What an incredible organization!!
If you ever know of a child that requires
special medical care-
Shriner's Hospital 
This medical network of professionals and members is AMAZING to say the least.  

Each and every person cares deeply about kids and they make medical miracles happen every day......
Every day....
One year ago, I didn't know much about the Shriners.
 I mean, I knew that they wore red hats and rode around in little cars in parades :-)
Seriously that was all I knew.
If you have a moment, check them out-
It is a phenomenal organization. 

Thanks to the generosity of the Shriner's organization, insurance coverage is not mandatory...If you have insurance, they bill it...

If not, they don't...

Either way, it's nothing out of pocket...
Can you imagine?
A few months after Jais arrived home from Ukraine, I called Shriner's Hospital of Chicago, and asked if they could help my son. 
I shared Jais's story. 

They said they would see him. 
They said they would try to help.
In January, Jais had surgery.

In February, we went back to Shriner's for two weeks of inpatient, intensive therapy. 
This month, we are invited to a 
Shriner's meeting at the hospital in Chicago. 

We are honored.
They want to hear Jais's story...

We want to say thank you and show them how great Jais is doing :-) 
Here's a little video for the meeting,
about Jais and
the wonderful people
Shriner's Hospital of Chicago. 

It was truly such a great experience!
What can you say about a group of people that changed your child's life?
Thank you just doesn't begin to do it. 
We will never forget Shriner's Hospital or the wonderful people that make such a difference in the lives of others. 


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  1. This is so exciting to see. Way to go Jais. Keep walking.