Sunday, January 19, 2014

Amazing Jais!!!

Two weeks ago, Jais underwent some pretty major surgery to help straighten his legs and feet.

Prior to surgery, his legs were permanently bent and his feet were turned under.

(This is as straight as Jais's legs could go)

His ankles could do an incredible, flip over, complete circle, bend every which way thing (Which is pretty creepy to watch)...Only because I've never seen ANY feet do what his can do....LOL
Jais could also not lay flat on his tummy, because one hip was stuck in a bent position....(Causing him to lay sort of on his side all the time).
In July, we learned about Shriner's Hospital of Chicago.  It's an orthopedic hospital.
They said they would take Jais's case......
They said they would do all that they can to help him.....
They said that you never know about these things..... ;-)
On January 6th, Jais went in for surgery. 
They worked for 5 hours on his hip, fronts and backs of both knees and both ankles......
Jais was hospitalized for three days and then came home in straight leg casts.....He chose purple :-)
This week, we go back for x-rays, a cast change and measuring for braces.  It is expected that Jais will be in casts for 8 weeks.....
The doctor's initial goal is to get Jais able to put his feet flat on the floor... (surgery should help his ankles get to a 90 degree angle so his feet can be flat instead of curled under...)
Jais should also be able to wear shoes soon too! 
With the correction of his ankles/feet, and the help of braces, the doctors are hopeful that he will be able to bear weight (stand) for transferring in and out of his wheelchair.....
Jais however.....
Has bigger goals... 
And he put that all in perspective for us yesterday, when he stood up for the first time EVER!!! :-)


  1. Whoo hoo Jais. You are one amazing little man. We love you. Keep up the great work.

  2. Woot! Go Jais!!! His smile says it all :D